Ty Coates started his musical journey at the tender age of 14. He joined his first band then and began learning multiple instruments including guitar, drums, harmonica and specialising in vocals. After many years of working live, Ty achieved notable success with Perth (Australia) band Flash Harry. He won the Most Outstanding Male Vocalist award 2 years running in 1984/85 at the Coca Cola Music Awards.

In 1988 he moved to Sydney, Australia to further his career. After supporting the famous Party Boys, Ty was asked to join the band the next day to replace their current singer. He did so and quickly struck up a song-writing partnership/chemistry with Alan Lancaster (bassist for Status Quo) and John Brewster (guitarist for the Angels). The three soon left the Party Boys and formed the Bombers. They were signed shortly after to A&M Records in the USA and recorded the critically acclaimed album Aim High. The Bombers worked live around Australia supporting acts such as Alice Cooper, Skid Row and many others in order to promote their album. The Bombers disbanded in 1994, whereby Ty formed and recorded with Sydney band Brainchild before started his solo career. He recorded two EP’s and continued working live around Australia. He also did a lot of session work in the advertising industry recording some of the more notable jingles and themes for products and events. Ty put his music career on hold in 1997 when he pursued his martial arts on a full time basis, something he had practised since the mid-80’s. This new career took him around the world, where he lived in the USA for 5 years and 7 years in the UK. During his time in the UK he resurrected his music career and began playing live around London.

New Album

For me, this is what an album is supposed to be, diversity. Lyrics that come from love and life, and all of the above. From the first line of Child in the Man, boom…vocal harmonies that have you looking for vocal credits to Steven Tyler or Steve Perry on the album sleeve. This is Ty Coates,….when a singer is a singer….WOW…!! The song structures and musicality are on point, building you up, letting you down, An awesome mixture of Rock, Heartfelt Ballads, New Age Country and wait for it….a traditionally based Irish tune….why isn’t music like this anymore? Thankyou Ty for sharing your life and music in these songs. I feel it and I can’t wait for the next one….
Stuart Ward

Live Events

Launch Artwork

Saturday 1st July

Coast Hotel, Budgewoi

Friday 28th July

Lazybones Lounge, Marrickville, Sydney